Mr. Peanut In Times Square FAIL!

My trip to New York city two weekends ago was exciting. This was the first time I have visited the city and my first time seeing Times Square. The sheer number of blinking lights and large screens was slightly more puzzling than the throng of people who sought out these ads.

One ad that made me smile was the Mr. Peanut sign not because Mr. Peanut is warm and friendly but because it had a glaring Windows DOS screen on display:

Mr Peanut In Times Square FAIL

This is what the sign is supposed to look like.

Overall New York city was nice to visit but way too expensive and crowded to ever consider living there.

2 Responses to “ Mr. Peanut In Times Square FAIL! ”

  1. Dude, no call? Heh, I kid. I like NYC, but I’m sorta done with it. I think i’m moving to the west coast next.

  2. I totally thought about it but we were way too busy doing touristy stuff.

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