Photoshop On An Etch A Sketch

Oh the irony…

Photoshop On An Etch A Sketch

Someone who goes by the name of the Etch-A-Sketchist likes to make his art on the classic childhood toy. He doesn’t just do software interfaces recently posting sketches of Master Chief from Halo, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and even some from his own imagination. This guy truly has some unique artistic abilities and probably a lot of free time.

2 Responses to “ Photoshop On An Etch A Sketch ”

  1. I’m a blogger. You’re a blogger. We have exactly the same amount of free time. You type words and stuff. I draw on my etch-a-sketch. That’s the only difference.

  2. Haha! I just forwarded that to everyone in the creative department at work. It’s funny bc my boss has an etch-a-sketch in his office that people always draw stuff on.

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