Puppies Stolen, Owner Concerned

Chicago pet store owner, Cindy Groenewold of Pet Luv Pet Center, is searching for 17 puppies who were stolen from her store. Apparently the pup-snatcher broke the front glass window of her store and stole boxers,beagles, golden retrievers, huskies as well as a puggle and a Pekinese. As you might imagine, the owner is quite upset. This is directly from the article:

The owner said she assumes the dogs will be sold at a flea market somewhere.

Flea Market Puppy Sale

Ha! Pupies. Fleas. Get it? Well if the pet store business doesn’t work out for poor Cindy Groenewold, she could always fall back on comedy.

P.S. The owner said whoever took the dogs probably wasn’t very gentle with them. Oh, cruel world.

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