Round Logos, Zoning Out, Mobile Manners, And Spelling

Today was filled with interesting quotes from my daily information grazing. Below are a smattering of what I found as well as links back to the full source for your reading pleasure.

“Why is every browser logo round?” – I never realized this until Download Squad brought it up. I know the Google Chrome logo isn’t all that original.

“In other words, inebriated subjects report less mind wandering only because they are less aware of their own minds.” – From a Discovery Magazine article about why we stop paying attention and zone out.

“BlackBerrys have become like cartoon thought bubbles.” – NYTimes article about how smartphones are replacing our manners.

“The winning words in 1950’s spelling bee: psychiatry, condominium; 2000’s: succedaneum, appoggiatura!” – From a presentation given by Neil Howe, a generational expert with a focus on demographics and culture, who spoke to the Pew Research Center staff this morning. has a complete list of National Spelling Bee champions and winning words since 1925.

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