Should I Get An Xbox 360?

Today I was looking at game footage from EA’s upcoming skateboarding game Skate. This is a game I have been waiting for since Thrasher Skate and Destroy came out on the PS1. Tony Hawk games have been a lot of fun but recently they have gotten more and more absurd. Skate aims to be a more realistic skateboarding experience right down to the controls which require you to actually flick the directional pads to do tricks. If there was ever a game that would push me over the edge into going out to get an Xbox 360, this would be the game.

But I’m holding myself back because of my previous history with video game systems. I would usual play the system for about a month and then lose interest. I already have a Wii which I barely use due to lack of time and limited supply of interesting games. It’s not like I have all the time in the world to play videogames either and deliberately buying something that I know will distract me even more is a little daunting.

So should I get an Xbox 360?

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  1. Dude,

    This game will ruin your life. It’s amazing. I’ve been playing the demo non stop for a few days. It’s the most fun I’ve had on a skating game EVER. It really feels like real skating, and the tricks are realistic.

    It’s a blast. Get an Xbox360.

  2. I’ve been wanting a game console… And Wondered where to go… PS3 or X360… I mean – the PS3 can potentially blow the 360 out of the water, but hasn’t yet, mostly due to game developers and their lack of knowledge or time to devote towards the PS3.. But the X360 has a lot of problems, which it seems they are still struggling to overcome, for whatever reason. Then I look at the future of media.. Where will it go? Blu-ray or HD-DVD? I once was an avid Blu-Ray supporter due to its larger file size, but realistically – HD-DVD has done more for consumers as well as it seems the last few companies who were teetering on the edge have fallen towards HD-DVD.. I’d really hate to get a PS3 and then Blu-ray loose out…

    So I wait, for more games, news, and features I guess..

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