There Was a Spider in my Bathroom

This morning while getting ready for work I noticed a good size spider hanging out on the door trim right next to my head. Most people would freak out and begin to smash the creepy-crawler into oblivion, but I decided to take some photos.

Spider Wide

Spider Depth

Spider Macro

After his photoshoot I took the little guy outside where he belongs. I think it is time to get a macro lens for my Canon Digital Rebel.

3 Responses to “ There Was a Spider in my Bathroom ”

  1. Spiders are actually good to keep around indoors, since they eat flies and mosquitoes and other insects.

  2. Do you know what kind it was? It looks kinda like a brown recluse. But I think the legs are too long. A sure fire way of telling if it has a violin shape on its head.

    The bodies sometime vary in size and girth, but always has the violin. Nasty little suckers.

  3. […] tips would have come in handy back when I was shooting the spider in my bathroom. Well, a macro lens would have helped […]

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