This Blog is 2 Months Old

My first post was posted on May 27th, which means I have been keeping up this blog for two months. All of my other personal blogs would have been long dead by this time, as most blogs probably end up. I think it is because I spent a lot of time setting up my own look and learning the inner workings of WordPress, which is a lot of fun.

In my first post I said I would try to post at least two posts a week. I have gone far above that rate averaging about 11 posts a week or 1.57 posts a day. Maybe I underestimated my blogging ability. Here are some other stats for those interested in the behind the scenes of my blog:

Most Popular Post: Russell Heimlich Simpsons Style
Page Views: 917
I have no idea why this particular post became so popular but the traffic is coming from where I posted a comment to their Create Yourself as a Simpsons Character post.

Second Most Popular Post: Operator 11: The Best Live Video Web Application
Page Views: 720
I got linked to by Robert Scoble and he gave me some traffic that day. If you want more traffic to your blog just linkbait an A-list blogger.

Total Pageviews: 5,021

My Blog Stats Graph

From here on out there are two small changes to the individual post pages. At the bottom of the entry there are links to related posts and recent posts. Hopefully this will increase some awareness of my older posts buried deep in my archive. There is also a single ad next to the links since most of my traffic comes from people being linked directly to an article and not my main blog page. If you read this blog regularly, you will hardly notice a difference.

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