TXT2LOL.com is live!


What was meant to be a quick weekend project turned into a month-long undertaking. TXT2LOL.com, is my pet project for converting regular speak to the grammatically incorrect and misspelled LOL. LOL became popular thanks to cat macros, or LOL cats, and I wanted an easy way to create authentic-sounding LOL captions. Think I’m going a bit overboard? Anil Dash from SixApart.com did an in-depth analysis of the LOL grammar.

At any rate, I just made a tool that hopes to make peoples lives a little bit easier so they can make many others smile with their ridiculous LOL captions.

Please take a look at the site and let me know of any translations I missed by using the ‘Submit a Word’ link.

2 Responses to “ TXT2LOL.com is live! ”

  1. Congrats on launching the site. It looks pretty accurate! I know I’ll use it when I need to make some LOL cats!

  2. I had the same idea 🙂 http://speaklolcat.com

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