Valentines Day 2008: Unwrapped

Photographing the unboxing of a product is a big deal in the blogosphere. Kristina must have picked up on this fact because this year for Valentines Day she wanted to take a picture of me opening every single gift that she gave to me.

All of the presents laid out
The Goods. All lined up and ready to be unwrapped. I really liked the alligator box which required me to rip out it’s teeth in order to open it.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Heart
First up was a big Reese’s Chocolate Heart. Kristina cut out the nutrition facts because she knew I would look at them right away and be pissed off that they weren’t there. She was correct.

4 Pack of Tech Decks
A 4-pack of Tech Deck fingerboards. I play with these at work when I’m thinking through something in my head. They are a lot of fun, but they do break easily.

Kristina made me think that was all their was. Little did I know she had more tucked away under her bed.

Cute Valentine’s Day Card
This was the cute card she got months in advance. She certainly likes cute cards.

Space Vacuum T-Shirt
I had wanted this Space Vacuum t-shirt from J!nx for a long time.

I Digg T-Shirt
I Digg a lot so it is no surprise that I needed a shirt to proclaim my social media saviness. If I had to fill it in on that day it would say “I Digg Valentines Day.”

CrazyBusy Book
CrazyBusy: How to Cope in a world gone ADD. The irony is I don’t have the time to get through this book. One day…

The Tipping Point Book

Blink Book
Two Malcom Gladwell Books: The Tipping Point & Blink. Two more books to add to my to-read pile.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Book
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird. I picked up this book one day in Borders and read the first 30 pages straight through. It is a brilliant book for someone like me and I’ll be writing up a thorough review in the near future. Unlike those other books, I will actually finish reading this one soon.

Giant Fingerboarding Quarterpipe
A giant fingerboard quarter pipe to go with my 4-pack of fingerboards from earlier. Currently this thing is sitting in a big desk drawer in my office at work. I realized I don’t have the desk space to leave it out all the time.

And it is no wonder she wanted to record my reactions, this was the best Valentines Day that we have ever had in the many years that we were together.

P.S. You are probably wondering what I got her. I decided to get a sentimental card and prepare a romantic candle lit dinner… from Chipotle. To be fair she didn’t get me anything for Christmas, so we are even. Besides, there is always next year!

Chipotle Over Candlelight

3 Responses to “ Valentines Day 2008: Unwrapped ”

  1. Awww Russell… thanks… this was a nice homage to the night!

    but i just have to say … why don’t you “digg” Kristina ? …j/k

    you should post the video of you opening up “mr. Chompers”!

    Love you

  2. Wow you guys went all out for v-day.

  3. Nice! Those Malcolm Gladwell books are good stuff… though, really, nothing beats candy w/o the nutritional info. 😉

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