We’re Engaged!!!

Us shortly after I proposed.

So after 7 years of being together, I finally popped the question to my girlfriend Kristina. I got a call from the jewelers this morning that the ring was ready. I left work early to trek from Georgetown, D.C., to Columbia, Maryland. On the way I got in touch with Kristina’s roommate to coordinate the video/photo taking so we would have this moment recorded.

After I picked up the ring I stopped by her parents house to get their approval. They were shocked but happy for our forthcoming engagement. I also swung by my parents house to give them a preview. Finally I made it down to Kristina’s apartment in College Park where apparently she was asleep. I snuck into Kristina’s roommates room while we coordinated our plan. Then Kristina called me on my cell phone! I rushed to her roommates bathroom and pretended that I was home at my apartment. She totally took the bait.

The engagement ring I got Kristina

While she was on her computer checking e-mail, the time was right to strike. I knocked on her door and then got down on one knee. See for yourself:

As you can see she had no idea what was coming and she said YES! We’ll be starting our own blog at RussellAndKristina.com or KristinaAndRussell.com. I own both of them but we still need to formulate our design. We spent the rest of the night calling friends and family and sharing our joyous news.

P.S. Save the date, March 20th, 2010!

18 Responses to “ We’re Engaged!!! ”

  1. Wooo, congratulations! That was an excellent video.

  2. I’m getting a kick out of the lame Google ads that are appearing on this post.

  3. “After 7 years…” and….”she was shocked….”

    LOL! Really, this is so exciting. Congrats to you both, you look *so* happy!

  4. Yea, you have no idea how long she has been waiting. But it was totally worth it. Thanks for the warm regards!

  5. OMG! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! This is sooo sweet! Awww. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! YAY! I’m so happy for you two!

  6. Thanks Maricel. I just wanted Kristina to have something good to say for her high of the week at the next e-board meeting!

  7. Congrats bro! That’s awesome!!!!!

    PS – Haven’t seen you at a DC Tech event lately. Should come to one and then we can go out after and celebrate your engagement.

  8. I don’t make it out to many of the happy hour events but I’ll definitely be at PodCampDC. See you there!

  9. nice work. gorgeous.

  10. I wish the ring came with a whistle or corkscrew or something utilitarian.

  11. That’s awesome! Congratulations! (and best wishes to Kristina!)

  12. Thanks Charlie! I remember reading about you and your wife’s wooden wedding rings on Get Rich Slowly. Very creative!

  13. Congratulations to the two of you. That was very romantic. Keep us posted on your plans.
    We’ll be following your progress. Best wishes and God Bless you both.
    Auntie Jo & Uncle Tony Mariano

  14. Congrats on your recent engagement. That is great!

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  16. YAY! CONGRATS GUYS! kudos to you, Russell, for the super gorgeous ring!!!

  17. Well Kristina did have a hand in helping me pick out the design. She is supposed to wear it forever after all, so she better like it!

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