With An IQ Of 104, I’m Smarter Than You

Ok so this IQ test is available online and it mainly involves deciphering visual puzzles. At first it is a piece of cake. But the ones near the end are real brain-busters. Block out some time to get through this, they give you 40 minutes to solve 39 puzzles. Good luck and post your scores in the comments. Bet you don’t have a higher IQ than me.

My IQ Test - 104

via Pammy Smith

8 Responses to “ With An IQ Of 104, I’m Smarter Than You ”

  1. I GOT 122

  2. i also got 104…

  3. I haven’t tested my IQ lately, but I had a professional IQ test when i was 10… I scored 118 then.

  4. I got 110.

  5. I scored 120 as my IQ

  6. When i take an IQ test in the evening when i am tired i score in this range 116 – 120, but when i take a test in the morning i score 130. I don’t repeat the same test. I tried this test yesterday evening and i scored 119.
    What i don’t understand is, does the IQ vary with mind exhaustion? If so Why? and what is the best time to take the test? I have high deviation though i don’t have multiple personality disorder.

  7. mine is 138

  8. I got a 133

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